Santa Rosa Plain
Adopt-A-Vernal Pool Endangered Plant Monitoring
Sonoma County, CA
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Partner with scientists to preserve endangered species in Sonoma County! By participating in the Adopt a Vernal Pool Program as a Citizen Scientist, you can collect data critical to the survival of three endangered annual vernal pool plants – Sonoma sunshine, Sebastopol meadowfoam, and Burke’s goldfields.

What is a vernal pool? Vernal pools are seasonal wetlands that form in depressions in the landscape where rainfall collects during the winter and slowly evaporates over the summer. Vernal pools once occurred throughout California but now less than 10% of vernal pool habitat remains across the state. Partner with expert botanists to learn more about vernal pools and the unique wetland plants that grow within them.

Click here to sign up and select Citizen Scientist or send an email to Meghan Parish at

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