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Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
CCWI coordinates a citizen monitoring program in the Russian River, Salmon Creek, and Petaluma River Basins. Citizen monitors are volunteer members of neighborhood or watershed groups which are interested in watershed protection. By monitoring local creeks and rivers, citizen monitors learn about their watershed, help pinpoint pollution sources, and identify widespread problems. CCWI trains citizen monitors in how to use the equipment, and lends the equipment to them on a monthly basis (like a library). For more information about quality assurance, equipment calibration, and data analysis, please contact the CCWI office.

CCWI Monitoring Sites
Click on any of the Map Markers below to find out more information about each monitoring site.

See Monitoring Results:

Pollution Alerts!
There are many more polluted waters out there, these are just the few of the most recent excesses CCWI has found...

Nitrate-Nitrogen over 1.0 mg/L
Stream NameDateResult
Colgan Creek06/13/088.8
Colgan Creek03/11/097.5
Cheney Gulch02/13/077.4
Dog Park01/09/075.8
Laguna de Santa Rosa10/30/054.7

Phosphorous over 0.1 mg/L
Stream NameDateResult
Laguna de Santa Rosa01/11/061.70
Laguna de Santa Rosa10/30/051.66
Laguna de Santa Rosa09/13/071.56
Laguna de Santa Rosa08/05/091.55
Laguna de Santa Rosa07/31/071.44

Turbidity over 100 NTU
Stream NameDateResult
Quinlan Gulch12/18/07955
Dutch Bill Creek11/01/08884
Cheney Gulch12/18/07777
Cheney Gulch01/25/08724
Cheney Gulch01/25/08715

Conductivity over 500
Stream NameDateResult
Colgan Creek08/09/05990
Laguna de Santa Rosa10/24/05980
Laguna de Santa Rosa09/13/07980
Laguna de Santa Rosa08/08/07970
Laguna de Santa Rosa07/31/07970

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